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Payal Dhar, Wordsmith

I am…

An author, freelance writer and editor. Sometimes I do a bit of Web design and development. I write about computers, technology, books, travel, general interest and, of course, fiction. I edit books and journals for publishing houses, Web site content, CD-ROM content, and pretty much anything else that has text in it. If you want my professional services, use the contact form at the end of this page.

I live in…

India. More specifically, I thought I was living in Bangalore, but I find I’m back in Delhi now. It’s a mystery.

I like…

In no particular order, reading, writing, dogs, ice cream, reading, playing computer games, open source software, reading, chocolate, the mountains, my new Nikon D5000… did I mention reading?

Book review policy

Over the past few months, I’ve got many book review requests, and even though I love a free book, I have, unfortunately, had to turn many of them down since they didn’t meet my guidelines. Then I realized those guidelines were all in my head. So I decided to write them down and here they are:

  1. Please be prepared for an honest review: If you’ve asked me for a review, you’ll get an honest critique. A review is the subjective opinion of the reviewer and in case you don’t like what I have to say, you are not welcome to post a rebuttal here. While I can’t stop you from doing that elsewhere, that doesn’t mean it isn’t bad form. I’m an author too and plenty of people think my work is tripe. I stick pins in dolls I pretend are them, but I do it in the privacy of my home.
  2. I review only young adult, fantasy and sometimes crime: Though at times I’ll do other genres too. It’s hard to say what catches my attention. Never campus romances, though! I will only consider romance if your novel is extraordinary, like Eleanor and Park. LGBT romances may be welcome too.
  3. Please don’t bother if you can’t spell or punctuate: I often get review queries that are atrociously written. The thing is, if your query is full of grammatical errors, you can’t blame me for jumping to conclusions about your writing abilities.

If all of this sounds fine to you, scroll down to the contact form.

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