Our Workshops

If you’ve ever felt the urge to write but not known how to start, if you’ve ever begun to write but found your words drying up midway, if you’ve ever felt that writing is hard work but that you’d like to try, if you’d like to know how writing can be fun and deeply satisfying, the Royal Blue workshops are for you.

Who’s behind Royal Blue?

Payal Dhar and Devika Rangachari, the duo behind Royal Blue, are well-known writers, having written fiction and non-fiction for children, young adults and grown-ups. While Payal is also an editor and computer whiz, Devika is a historian and likes interacting with readers over books. Both share a love for reading and the ability to demolish chocolate muffins at the speed of light. And more importantly, both possess a formidable range of knowledge about the world of writing and publishing. Find out more about them here.

Is there a story inside you?

Have you always wanted to write but never found the right time to start? Do you have fantastic ideas that vanish when you put pen to paper? Do you get off to great starts but find words hard to come by? If you answered YES to any of these questions, Royal Blue’s Weekend Creative Writing Workshop is just for you.

This workshop will teach you to be a wordster, to play with words and use them to express the ideas that are filling your head. You will learn how to structure your story and add interesting elements to it to make it read well.

Would you like us to critique your book or story?

Royal Blue also runs a critique service for prospective authors and other writers. We will read your story and give you detailed feedback.


Contact us via the form below to find out about our next workshop of if you’d like to avail of our critique service.