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A Shadow in Eternity

Maya’s life changed forever the night she was taken to the Eternal City. Follow the adventures of the youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time.

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A Shadow in Eternity

Young Zubaan/Puffin, 2006
Rs. 295 | Buy: Flipkart | Amazon

Shadow in EternityMaya Subramaniam goes to school, hates her brother, dotes on Rahul Dravid. At first glance, she seems like an ordinary twelve-year-old.

But not quite. For Maya knows the truth about time. Every night she travels to an alternate world known as Eternity, where she trains so she might become a Defender of the Light and keep time ticking.

Under the watchful eyes of the freakishly tall, enigmatic Noah, Maya has no problems keeping up her double life. Till, that is, she and her friend Lev unwittingly stumble upon an ancient conspiracy.

What is the “Idea” Prophecy? Who are the Warriors of the Shadow and what do they want with Lev? Is Noah all he seems or is there something he is hiding?

The answers could change Maya’s life—and the world as we know it—for ever.

On the brink of childhood and adolescence, Maya sets out on an extraordinary adventure. Along the way, she discovers powers she never knew she had, perils she never wanted to face, and the true meaning of friendship.


A Shadow in Eternity II: The Key of Chaos

Young Zubaan, 2007
Rs. 295 | Buy: Flipkart | Amazon

Key of ChaosMeet Maya Subramaniam: thirteen years old, schoolgirl by day, Preferred by night.

Throw in a pair of disapproving parents intent on stopping her forays into an alternate world, a two-metre-tall Watcher who can sense her state of mind, and Lev, her best friend, who could technically be her worst enemy.

Certainly, Maya’s life is quite full, and the last thing she needs is an unpleasant involvement with an ancient conspiracy. But being in possession of a valuable artefact belonging to the renegade Warriors of the Shadow, she has little choice in the matter. The question is, should she believe a two-thousand-year-old jumble of calculations, or follow her instincts and trust her Watcher’s logic?

As events spiral towards a grim climax, Maya, Lev and their Watchers are caught in a deadly race. Will they win? And at what cost?


A Shadow in Eternity III: The Timeless Land

Young Zubaan, 2009
Rs. 295 | Buy: Flipkart | Amazon

Timeless LandMaya Subramaniam’s life is arguably far more complex than the average fourteen-year-old’s. As the youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time, torn between loyalty to her family and to her Watcher, and dogged by a prophecy that predicts her to be the cause of the destruction of time… Honestly, how much can one person take?

An adolescent caught in a world of grown-ups, Maya finds herself in the middle of a Warrior conspiracy to see the Ai’diyar Prophecy to its conclusion. Homeless and confused, convinced that she wrecks the lives of those she loves, Maya finds herself doubting her ability to see right from wrong.

As she and her friends stumble into the Timeless Land, she is faced with a choice that could have a devastating impact on reality as we know of it. In this third and final book of the Shadow in Eternity series, Maya finally comes face to face with the Prophecy.

The question is, will it be an end or a beginning?