Week #49: Blog plans for 2015

52 weeks of reading and writing

It’s Week #49 already and I can’t believe 52 Weeks of Reading and Writing has been (more or less) a success, even though trying to to co-opt a couple of other bloggers didn’t quite work out. However, I’m pleased—and somewhat surprised—to report that I managed to stick to my own weekly schedule, apart from a minor hiccups while travelling or having serious attacks of laziness. It’s true, there are three weeks to go yet, but the end is nigh and celebrations may be planned.

Which brings me to the all-important question: what about next year? With less than a month to go, it’s not too early to be thinking about 2015 and how to keep Writer’s Log ticking over. I have a couple of ideas:

  1. 52 Weeks of Book Reviews: The one thing I had hoped to do for 52 Weeks of Reading and Writing was book reviews, though I didn’t manage too many. Considering that, would a weekly review throughout the year be too ambitious? I usually always read more than one book a week (certainly more than 52 in a year), so there’s just the little matter of de-lazing my self and writing a review once a week. Hmm.
  2. 52 Weeks of Tech: The other option is to shift to all things techie in 2015 and revive the Friday Night Freeware column. There’s a lot of freeware floating about and, of course, I love writing about software. A spin-off of this would be to do a weekly app review. Or maybe a combination of both.

Well, that’s my long list for now. Though I’m wondering if I might end up biting of more than I can chew…


5 Replies to “Week #49: Blog plans for 2015”

  1. *sobs* You don’t have to rub in my failure!

  2. Wow Thats quite q list !

    1. Well, pick one for me!

  3. Sorry I dropped out too 🙁
    Like any decent working person, I blame my day job for lack of time to write weekly posts 🙁
    I support the weekly book reviews.

  4. Well, now you’ve both gone and outed yourselves! x-)

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