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Week #50: Slightly Burnt in the media

15 December 2014
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52 weeks of reading and writing
Slightly BurntSlightly Burnt has been getting more media attention than any of my earlier books. Truth be told, this is mostly because it happens to address issues that are being talked about around the country right now. It’s also thanks to the definite strides young adult literature has been making in India over the years, with publishers and authors stepping out of their comfort zones. (Off topic: The five best YA novels I’ve read in 2014.)

Back to Slightly Burnt, the reviews are mostly positive, though not everyone likes everything. That said, the reviews I value most are those that come from the target audience. A (satisfied) young reader wrote to me today, saying:

The book… shows us something that is thought of as abnormal in a way that is very relatable…. My favourite character is Vikram. This is because his personality is a lot like mine…. I can also relate to Komal, because I also like to cook. So if I think about it, it shows us how to relate to people, no matter what they are.

color_danceProfessional reviewers are (usually) paid to read and have an opinion on your book, which can end up somewhat messy at times. Which is why I’m flattered, and frankly delighted, to have more or less managed to please most people. Some of the reviews are on personal blogs and again, much appreciate that readers have taken the trouble. Here are some reviews that appeared in the media and in blogs:

A couple of excerpts have appeared as well:

An interview was published here:

If you have anything to say about Slightly Burnt, drop me a mail or add it to the comments.


5 Responses

  1. harinigs says:

    Haven’t yet got my copy of Slightly Burnt, but it’s in my cart for the next batch of books. Sounds intriguing, and what better testimonial than that one from your young fan!

  2. Hannah says:

    Any chance of an ebook at some point? Or international shipping? 🙂

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