Blogger’s block?!

I think I have blogger’s block! There is not a single intelligent thing I can think of to rant about.

Or maybe I’m ill!

Lots of things have been happening. I am in Bangalore, house-hunting. (In other words, spongeing off my sister right now! Well, not exactly totally spongeing—she just has to keep me in her house and feed me! Sometimes *cough* when she’s not home *cough* I also use her broadband connection and eat her Nutella…)

Next week I have a major writing assignment for Outlook that I’m rather nervous about. But I can’t talk about it now.

Hm… well, I could have ranted about the unfairness of life given that we have got an electricity bill of Rs 6,500 (!!!!!!!!) thanks to meters getting mixed up. Rather than running about, bribing people, getting abused by the bureaucracy, and sorting it out, I think we’ll just sit back and pay it!

And last, I have a Web design content to participate in. The theme is “Favourite Book”. Any ideas, anyone?

And that is my life currently, all nicely summed up.


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  1. Kat


    Hm, I’m not sure I’m qualified to pick your favorite book! Should you go with something that is your favorite even if not a lot of people like it, or pick something that you really like that lots of people do too?

    Blogger’s Block is a scary thing. *nod*

  2. Reply

    I think I’m going to end up picking something that may not be my favourite but be popular so people identify with it, and it’s also easy on the judges! 😉

  3. Kat


    Moving is so difficult. I’m sure you have a ton of books, and that is _always_ tricky and a hassle!

    *fingers crossed that you find a really great place*

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