Windows Live Mail

Has Microsoft finally got it right with e-mail software? Well, it’s hard to say for sure, but Windows Live Mail is certainly worth checking out.

Apart from a spanking new and decidedly good-looking interface, it comes with a host of other features, including an IM client (yes, for Window Live users), RSS and newsgroup support, an innovative photo e-mail service, and even a blog writer.

In fact, guess what? This blog post is being made using Windows Live Mail’s Writer interface. It supports, apart from Windows Live Spaces, any WordPress-, TypePad- or Blogger-based blog.

And wow… this has to be a first. I’m saying something good about Microsoft. Go figure!


Postscript: Yes, it was too good to last. While Windows Live Mail is fine as long as you’re using it, it’s a right royal pain when you want to uninstall it! Having installed as a bunch of separate components, it’s only when your firewall pops up to ask for access that you realize the rubbish you’re left with after you’ve tried to get rid of it! Tsk tsk…

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  1. Niklas


    It’s still pretty neat of them to do bloggy stuffs though! and lots and lots of appies are lousy at un-installing themselves. It’s no wonder they invent special applications just to uninstall other applications.

  2. Reply

    Don’t be fooled by the pretty face; stay away for your own good!

    And hey, stop looking at my three-year-old design! *wears paper bag*

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