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2014 special

The year 2014 on Writeside.net is going to be all about books, about reading and writing and everything else. Each week of the year will see a new post about books, whether the making of them or the consuming of them. And there will be plenty more reviews!

So click on the links on the right to go to the latest posts on Writer’s Log or see the full 2014 special list.

There’s a Ghost in My PC

There’s a Ghost in My PC is now available online. If you like, you can find out more about it or read an excerpt or visit the Facebook page.

And remember to check back for updates.

Satin: A Stitch in Time

SatinA Stitch in Time is the first of my new series called Satin. Published by Harper, it is a story about a mysterious legacy, forbidden magic and impossible relations.

And here’s what Anil Menon says about it:

An intelligent fantasy with crystal-clear prose, great world-building and truly cool ideas about the nature of magic. Satin is a total blast.

Click for details | Read an excerpt | Read reviews | BUY NOW! Flipkart or Indiaplaza

The Shadow in Eternity series

Shadow seriesMaya’s life changed forever the night she was taken to the Eternal City. Follow the adventures of the youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time in the Shadow in Eternity series. Click to find out more about the books and how to buy.



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