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Some musical excitement

20 September 2010
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There was musical excitement outside my house tonight as part of the winding-down celebrations of Ganesha Chaturthi. This is a big festival in south India, and the past week or so was full of festivities, including decked-up idols carted here and there.

Anyhow, I was not fast enough with my D5000, but sometimes the phone camera can prove quite useful!

The picture quality is very suspect and it does not come anywhere near to capturing the ear-splitting, wall-vibrating noise levels this low-tech band managed to conjure up. But it was sort of intense and festive. I loved the way they played, stopped and then regrouped at the corner again. They were doing this every 100 metres of so.

This is as close to Marie’s Hanson concert that I will get. 🙂

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