Airing my closet…

The anti-blog brigade’s major grouse is about how “self-indulgent” the whole concept of blogging is. But heck, if one has a cheap and easily accessible medium, a somewhat captive — if erratic — audience, the possibility of showing off one’s writing/coding/designing skills (or lack thereof), and being able to air one’s opinion without much opposition, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

In any case, those who think self-indulgence is a bad thing obviously never had Cake-a-Mocha at the Corner House in Bangalore. So what do they know anyway? The following is my token resistance to the “enemy” and a dip into the pond of aforesaid self-indulgence till I can get within hitting distance of Corner House again:

  1. Disgustingly detailed daily routine: If you really want to know about my run-in with the toothpaste tube this morning, I think your curiosity borders on perversion and… er… ooh, mail me and we’ll take it from there.
  2. Talk about people using barely disguised pseudonyms: N made a bitter post in MW after M and K laughed at him, though B got to know of it only later. And by the way S only arrived at dinner after we were almost finished, which is when Sw discovered she’d forgotten to retrieve her bag. (Anybody who correctly identifies all of the people mentioned gets a medal.)
  3. Put up boring holiday photos consisting of my companions and I smiling in front of famous monuments at odd angles: You’re lucky I don’t usually travel with people or take photos of/with them. Besides, my holiday photos are already here. And besides that they are not boring… *huff*
  4. Mention excruciatingly embarrassing incident: Yeah, right.
  5. Discuss sleazy details of love life: Hey, my mother comes here, for goodness sake! Not to mention various prospective employers, publishers and other people I’m out to impress.
  6. How clever my pet is: The only “pet” I have is my plant Billy; I don’t think he has any brains, so this subject is redundant.
  7. How cute and wonderful my children are: Don’t have any, as the titles on my DVD rack will testify…
  8. Angsty rant about the unfairness of life, this world and the society we live in: Um… er… sorry, I feel quite “all together” right now, but stay tuned.

For the record, there were no puns in the title. Disappointed? Ha ha… made you read, didn’t I?


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  1. Reply

    Jan, you don’t smile in photographs. I think I saw a photo of you smiling once. I think you might have been ten.

  2. Katie


    I don’t remember seeing this photo of a smiling Jan.

    I am suspicious of it’s existence.

    Jan, B still has time to laugh at N’s bitter post.

  3. Proteeti


    LOL! I am so guilty of the last one – terribly guilty of it – and of the point about pets. But then, as you said, it is MY blog! 😀

    But I totally get your point re boring holiday pics – I get that all the time on the networking sites. But yours are not boring. NOT. But yeah, maybe could smile more?? *asks delicately*

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