Sneaky 2006!

Since it’s a new year, I suppose I should make an update. It could be worse—I could be making resolutions!

The trouble is, I have nothing to say! Yes, I could round up 2005, The Year That (Apparently) Changed My Life Because My Book Was Accepted for Publication.

Or I could waffle on about how great 2006 is going to be Because My Book Will Be Published!

But the only thing I can think of is: I’m going to be 30 this year and there’s so much I have left to do! Life really does sneak up on you, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it’s a spanking new year and it’s time to be merry not mopey! So, happy 2006 everyone. Me, I’m off to hit the cough syrup bottle!


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  1. Reply

    I am mopey. I hate the whole hype about the year turning around. Nothing changes except for a couple of digits. I am not in a celebratory mood, but I also think I should whine less on this post and more on my blog 🙁

  2. Proteeti


    Cough syrup is about right. Ushering in the new year in the throes of viral fever – like I did – is enough to leave anyone in a rather gloomy frame of mind.

    But am looking forward to your book being published – that will call for a lot of celebration! What is the present publication target? And hey – turning 30 and already a published author – I think that’s quite something!

  3. Reply

    *ignores Marie*

    Publication target is 21 January. The launch is in Jaipur at some lit fest that’s happening there. However, I am dealing with a last-minute emergency even as I write this… I don’t know why I’m feeling so calm… I should be panicking 😯

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