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Some lame photography

27 September 2010
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Work and health (lack of it) has kept me indoors for a bit, but there was time for some experimentation with my D5000. Looks like it’s going to a long, long path to the City of Good Photos!

These were taken from the rooftop of my building
(click for bigger versions):

Overcast day

An overcast day

Another view

Another view from same rooftop


View through the netting


A collection of slippers


A neighbour's collection of potted plants

And this was my attempt at night-time photography:


Auto-rick at rest


Houses down the lane

And some more indoor stuff:


My table (preset mode)


My table (manual mode... and overexposed *sigh*)

So, when will I get better?


3 Responses

  1. Nik says:

    My favs are the second and the seventh 🙂 But I’d really prefer the seventh one in a colder hue. I think it’d make the fancy gates more spooky.

  2. Payal says:

    That “warm” hue is, believe it or not, the streetlights. 🙂 I never realized how bright they are.

  3. Gargi says:

    Liked both the night-time ones. They appear very classic!

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