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The flight of the dal-carrying desis

1 August 2006
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For some reason, the West is having a scarcity of some sort of dal (pulses). Hence, both Alpana and I find ourselves laden with the stuff as we attempt to fly off on our respective holidays!

I don’t know about the dal (well, it’s technically not mine, but my friend Sumaira’s), but I’m off to the Lake District (with Sumaira) for five days. We’ve been planning this trip since we were in college, a long, long, long time ago! Actually, at that time we never really imagined it would happen!

Well, our bags are packed, sleeping bags procured, food arranged for, tickets and bookings confirmed. Lake District, here we come!

After the Lake District, I will be off to Birmingham and then Sheffield with my cousin and his wife. Then back to London for a few days.

For photographs, watch this space! (I’m back on 17 August. So no updates till then.)


2 Responses

  1. Alpana says:

    Hey Payal, have a great time and as for the dal here, lugged all the stuff here to find out the crisis was over!

  2. Kat says:

    *sets up a little area to sit and wait for pics* 😉

    Have fun, Ms. Bug!

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