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A good month for gaming

29 September 2012
Posted in: Gaming, Tech | 3 Comments

GamesSeptember has been an excellent month for gaming and I can say with cool, collected confidence that Gamer Jan is BACK! Well, all right, I just made up that nickname—but “Gamer Bug” sounds like something has been hit by malware and “Gamer Payal” has too many syllables.

Oddly enough, it all started in August, when I had a little hiccup with Deus Ex: Human Revolution (yes, Niklas, I haven’t finished playing it—go on, laugh), abandoned it at the point where I was about to meet Jaron Namir, and switched allegiance (back) to Hitman: Blood Money.

That was when Marie became “like a scientologist spreading my alien religion” and would only speak two words to me: Mass Effect. Of course, I have no patience, so I jumped right in and bought Mass Effect 3, but the boss of MW was having none of it. She pitched in to buy me Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

And so Commander Jan Shepherd was born (yes, yes, vain, so what?), a spacer by background and infiltrator by class. A detailed ME post is coming soon when I finish ME-I (which I’m very close to doing), so more on Shep later.

Marie’s generous bounty also brought the Sims 3: Ambitions and Generations expansions packs to my games cupboard, and I have since decided to revive my Legacy game. Well, not exactly revive—I started from scratch with founder Nadia Zara. The humble beginnings, when she had to sit on the toilet to eat her meals because she couldn’t afford any chairs, are long past. Nadia’s passed on and Generation 3 is going to pop out any day. (Those of you who know of my shameful secret—the Sims blog—can head over there for an update. And no, I will not provide a link.)


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  1. Marie says:

    Wow. My dollars went far!

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