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Maiden fanfiction!

27 June 2006
Posted in: Books, Scratchpad | 4 Comments

My first fanfiction! It is a momentous enough occasion to merit a new post, so here it is. And for it I must thank Laura.

It is slightly spooky to read of my own characters being written about by someone else, but it isn’t a wholly unpleasing experience. The “author” has done a good job, I must say! It is a short encounter between two characters who appear in A Shadow in Eternity.

This happens about twenty years ago, and Chiyo and Kilyana are both Preferred in training at the Halvard Castle. Tensions run high between the two women after a charged combat training session that goes slightly wrong.

(For obvious reasons I can neither post the fanfic on my site; nor would it be right for me to distribute it. So please don’t ask me for it!)

On the subject, the Halvard Castle Data Network has a new look. People have been complaining about the stark look, but please remember, it is the Halvard Castle’s OFFICIAL site, not the site of the book(s) or author!


4 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    *doffs hat*

    :mrgreen: It was no trouble.

  2. h'pithi says:

    Congratulations! This sounds interesting. Idont get the obvious reasons for you not disclosing the source though.

  3. Nimish says:

    Chiyo and Kilyana!! Ye Gods! Talk about combining physics, chemistry and biology!

  4. Payal says:

    The “obvious reasons” are that the story “belongs” to someone else and – while I am very flattered and enjoyed it – I do not endorse it in any way!

    Also, the source is very much disclosed :mrgreen:

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