Happy birthday!

How time flies :). One year old already!

I registered the domain Writeside.net on 3 July 2005, but the site was up the next day. The first Writer’s Log post was also up that day.

It’s been an eventful year in many ways, and Writeside.net as well as Writer’s Log have seen many design changes, some of them quite ghastly, if truth be told!

Anyway, right now it’s time to celebrate! *pops the champagne* :mrgreen:


4 Replies to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Popping champagne?! That’s my job! 😉

    Anyway, many happy returns of the day… *takes glass*

  2. *tests* Maybe it will work?

    Happy Birthday! *wheels out a giant cake with a scantily clad Lan inside* 😈

  3. Yay! It worked, it worked!!

    *distracted by Lan*

    (By the way, for a horrible few hours today, I thought I’d lost my entire database that contains my blog posts!!! However, it only turned out to be a temporary maintenence thing from on the part of my hosts, hence the error messages! :oops:)

  4. Will there be music?

    I’m glad the site was ok!

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