Maiden foray

Well, seems to be up and running, and with a bit of luck, I should get the blog working as soon as I get the hang of making these blasted templates do what I want them to!

It’s been a lot of fun making the site… yes, yes, I know it has its design limitations. But for the moment, I like it the way it is. Writing the content was a doddle, but the design *feels faint*… Anyway, the pages are all validated at least!

Oh, before I forget… acknowledgements:

  • Marie for trans-Atlantic tech and moral support 😉
  • The sibling for as-yet anticipated graphics support
  • The significant other for sitting around with a helpful expression :p (and for providing tea)

It’ll take me some time to figure out how to give permissions for posting comments and all that. Any feedback is always appreciated. So if you can’t post a comment, please go back to and drop me a mail.

Live long and prosper, all!


4 Replies to “Maiden foray”

  1. Whee, you’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Wish you all the best on your maiden foray.

    Being an old fan of your writing-style, I shall be eagerly waiting to read every word that comes out of your pen, oops key-board!

    By the way, do you still use a pen? Was just wondering!

  3. Actually, I do! A fountain pen at that. What about you?!


  4. Not unless I have to sign a cheque or fill-up a printed-form. 🙁
    May be because, I find working on a key-board more convenient than using a pen and note-pad to put down my thoughts.

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