Quake scare (and a bit about my Sims)

Well, I’m so busy with my Sims, that I haven’t found time to update! Had to reinstall The Sims 2 and then installed Nightlife. Haven’t yet played Downtown, but some of the new interactions that have come up are great! I love the fact that you can own a car! And I do like the ‘chemistry’ thing. The ‘turn ons’ and ‘turn offs’ can have good and bad results, I see. Not so sure what the new Pleasure aspiration might be like. I always find it easiest to keep Family aspiration.

Oh, and I have two pregnant sims, so any name suggestions will be most welcome. I’m hoping for at least one set of twins!

On a more serious note, we were rocked by the Asian quake the other day. It went on and on and on. We’ve experienced other quakes, of course, living bang in the middle of a seismic zone. This one seems pretty bad in itself, with well over 30,000 dead. They are saying the official figures could go over 40,000 even. There was the tsunami last year in South Asia and now this…


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  1. I’m starting to want Uni just so I can get some of the custom content people made that requires it! I want Nightlife (as you know!) just so I can see neighbors…don’t like the empty lot thing.

    I’m horrid with names. I have like 3-4 Moiraines. Ok maybe only 2, but still. My problem tends to be last names, though. So give me last names and I’ll give you first!

  2. Galad and Marie had twins and I almost named them Gavin and Elaine! (Well, they’re Gavin and Valerie.) On my other computer they had a girl, who’s Alanna (after I almost called her Moiraine!).

    Last names? Hmm… I’ve got a Wield family (name taken from a book) and was making Mandragoran family (wonder where that came from 😉 )!

  3. I was wondering if you were close enough to feel that quake.. I’m glad you’re all right, Payal.

    Do you want serious names for your Sims twins or will any do? 😉 You could name one Linoleum, and the other Berber. :p

  4. Yup, we were close enough all right… there was minor panic as various members of the family have been in major quakes! But no damage where I stay.

    Thanks for asking 🙂 !!

  5. That is excellent. I don’t even want to think about you guys being in a major quake. *knocks on wood* I live on the east coast, so having never experienced one they are quite scary to think of even just as minor ones. You brave ones, you! 😀

  6. You’ve never been in a quake? Sometimes the ones in California are so strong we can feel them in Arizona. I did go through a couple while I was three. I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this. 😛

  7. names for the twins you say? Ram Salaam 🙂

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