Getting things off your chest is apparently therapeutic, but it somehow never seems to work for me!

Since ranting a few days ago about how old friend don’t care, all I managed is to make other friends feel guilty. And the ones who didn’t care still don’t!

Though I didn’t want to name any names—I still won’t, though this is just as bad—the targets of my *ahem* ire were certain school and college friends. Also, I thought this was a safe place to rant as they don’t seem to read my blog :P!

A word (well, multiple words) for those of you who responded:

  • Marie, Laura, Kate and Niklas: Thanks :D! Funny how people I’ve never met seem more “real” than those I spent years with (if that made any sense!).
  • Alpana: Shame on you! After sharing dirty secrets of batchmates, I thought you’d want to know if there was going to be a second installment! 😛


2 Replies to “Oops!”

  1. No worries, Jan! We probably shouldn’t have responded all guilty-like, thereby making you feel guilty for our guilt and…now I feel guilty about the guilty guilt…

    Yes. Anyhow. No worries! 😉


  2. Payal, I never realised that you were such a great and wonderful person and blogger. Having said that, please fill me in on all available gossip at one go. No instalments. And if you don’t have fresh maal, I will be retracting the first sentence, thank you 🙂

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