It’s a kind of madness!

Administering a web site and running a blog is actually a pretty simple business, but it does change your life! It’s easy because these days when you get any number of idiot-proof open-source applications that do all the messing around for you. (Of course, it helps if you have helpful friends who hold your hand through sticky processes!)

And it changes your life because you pretty soon become obsessed with your online presence to the detriment of your offline one! 😛 Here are five ways that being a webmaster—webmistress, if you like—has changed my life:

  1. I go, “Oh, that’s awful/lovely! I must write about it in my blog!” whenever I see anything notable.
  2. I have to check my mail a thousand times a day and my blog admin section another thousand times to see if I’ve got any comments/feedback.
  3. I feel obliged to tinker with the innards of the system, and basically fix whatever’s not broken so it gets broken so I can fix it and feel good!
  4. I’ve become a web design junkie, lurking in design forums, and starting on new designs every other week. (Coming last in a design contest 😳 doesn’t seem to have battered my ego into making a dignified retreat. Some people just never learn, you see!).
  5. I feel mortally offended if all my online friends, and some offline ones as well, do not respond to my posts.

You have been warned!


5 Replies to “It’s a kind of madness!”

  1. hey I like the new look , its a bit austere but its very you ..i think

    I have commented on your calcutta entry and also sent you a mail, reply if and when you get time

    your new yr card is with Sattu since I could not meet you


  2. Hi Payal,
    If your friends are not responding to your blog posts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t read them or they don’t appreciate your efforts. They might be just looking for something worthy to write. But the moment you provoke them you will have a reactionary comment coming your way. 🙂
    Cheers Buddy!

  3. See, provoking always works! 😉

    Anyway, it was just joke! I usually have a pretty good idea who’s reading my blog and site as I check up on the IP addresses! 😳

  4. SPY! SPY! SPY!

    Stop looking at my IP! Stop it I said!

  5. I am soo with you about this online obssession!! I too have changed since acquiring my new identity on the blogosphere… I’ve started looking at every mundane thing that I do (for e.g. brushing my teeth) and wondering how to best share it with you! hehe.

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