Terrorist on a red carpet!

All right, rant alert!

I sometimes wonder where our priorities went—with George Bush in town, normal life has been thrown out of gear and board exam students have been told to plan their schedule around his! I remember all to well having to turn up at a strange centre for your first public examination… and you DO NOT want to deal with guaranteed traffic snarls! And certainly not for this particular person!

But what was even more annoying were his sniffer dogs nosing around in Rajghat (Gandhi’s cemetery). I don’t get worked up about things like this, but honestly, it’s not like he can walk around questioning other people’s security! (Reminder: where did 9/11 happen?!)

What eludes me is why we are putting up with this sort of thing from him? Why are we laying out the red carpet for the person widely acknowledged as the world’s biggest terrorist? He’s not got too many friends left, so it’s not like he can alienate anyone…


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  1. Don’t know about other places, but in CP at least, far from there being traffic snarls, the roads were emptier than usual. In fact yesterday was the first time in years that I did not get caught in traffic on a weekday in CP!

  2. Incidentally, have you noticed how the visit of EVERY head of nation to our country has become “path-breaking” and “historical”? And inevitably, a few months after the visit, we discover that we were in fact, taken for a ride. As for the sniffer dogs at Rajghat, well, I do hope we send a bomb squad to feel up (!!) the Statue of Liberty the next time our President visits their nation. I thought these fools were supposed to be diplomats! I hope our Prime Minister washes his mouth thoroughly – we all know what he’s been kissing!!!!

  3. “I hope our Prime Minister washes his mouth thoroughly – we all know what heโ€™s been kissing!!!!”

    ๐Ÿ˜† I wish I’d thought of that one!

  4. Haha you have to deal with W! *dances*

    W can do what he wants because we have a lot of nukes and he is stupid enough to use them. *nods*

    *goes back to dancing*

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