Fictional characters I’d like to meet (updated)

The hallmark of a good book, in my opinion, is when you stop worrying about the plot and are more concerned about the characters. It is no mean task creating engaging characters within the limits of fiction, but plenty of authors have managed it. Here are some fictional characters I’d like to meet (some of these I have already reviewed in detail, and thus the links):

  1. Edgar Wield: Reginald Hill has created more than one exceptional character, but the magnificently ugly Sergeant Wield remains my favourite. I wrote a bit more about him here.
  2. Barbara Havers: Elizabeth George seems to have created the character of Sergeant Barbara Havers to represent the exact opposite of what you’d expect a cop to be like: dumpy, almost slovenly, in appearance, and abrasive in manner. Throw in a sad domestic situation, and she seems more cut out for committing crime that solving it! But underneath the aggression and disregard for authority, lies a likeable and vulnerable human being. Partnering the handsome Inspector Thomas Lynley (the eighth earl of Asherton!), Havers is in reality a very good cop and has saved Lynley’s aristrocratic behind many times. It is hard figuring out exactly why one likes Havers; perhaps it is because she is so ordinary, so flawed, that we all find a little bit of ourselves in her.
  3. Lan Mandragoran: The uncrowned king of Malkier, Lan is also Warder to Aes Sedai Moiraine in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books. Intensely loyal, a blademaster of some repute, and recklessly brave… it is hard to find words to describe him.
  4. Daine Sarrasri: One of Tamora Pierce’s many splendid creations, teenager Daine is a wild mage in the kingdom of Tortall. Despite her young age, she has quite a reputation among humans and animals alike.
  5. Numair Salmalín: It is hard to talk of Daine without mentioning her friend, teacher, travel companion and later lover, Numair. A decade and a half older than Daine, he is exceptionally tall and well-built, swarthy, with a dark mane of springy hair that he ties back. His eyes are dark and voice soft. A black robe mage, one of the most powerful in the world, Numair had for years had to support himself by juggling on the streets because he was running for his life. Apparently, there is to be a whole book about him, so I won’t say much. Enigmatic, scholarly, absentminded, yet humourous and gentle, Numair can go on for hours and hours… and hours… if you ask him a simple question.
  6. Nynaeve Al’Meara: A brave and remarkable woman from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time! Starting off as the young Wisdom of a small village, Nynaeve comes up in the world to become an Aes Sedai and an unacknowledged queen. She marries the man she loves; yet manages to retain her dignity and individuality. Unlike Jordan’s other women!
  7. Carrot Ironfounderson: Captain Carrot can be found inTerry Pratchett’s Discworld books. A human brought up as a dwarf, Carrot is very proud of who he is—no matter that he is six feet tall at least! Carrot emanates goodness from every pore of his self, and would be sickly sweet if not for the fact that he has absolutely no idea how “good” he is. In reality, he should have been king, but fate had other plans for him. He’s also in love with his colleague Angua, who just happens to be a werewolf!
  8. Andrew Dalziel: The rude, corpulent Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel (Dee-ell) is very easy to dislike. But under the abrasive demeanour beats a soft heart. Extremely intelligent and extremely politically incorrect, you can love him or hate him, but you cannot be indifferent to him! It is usually amusing to have him around because he keeps making inappropriate comments all the time, most of which are the kind everyone thinks of, but no one really has the guts to say. Oh, I forgot to mention, this brilliant creation belongs to Reginald Hill.
  9. Keladry of Mindelan: When it comes to size and strength, Lady Knight Keladry would match any man, but she never lets anyone forget that she is a woman. Yet another of Tamora Pierce’s inspiring female characters, Kel is a natural leader and very courageous. Though she attended “knight school” openly as a girl, she had to fight prejudice all the way and prove herself many times over.
  10. Moiraine Damodred: Nope, this list wouldn’t have been complete without her, would it? An Aes Sedai from the Wheel of Time, Moiraine and her Warder Lan fight a battle that they cannot win, yet cannot afford to lose. Moiraine sometimes comes across as cold and calculating, but her single-minded dedication to her cause is remarkable. Her relationship with Lan is interesting to say the least. However, all said and done, not all readers (myself included) are happy with the way her tale has “progressed”! Of noble descent, a small but beautiful woman, she wears a blue jewel called the kesiera on her forehead. Currently unattached, there is a hint at a rather distressing romantic alliance with an older man. In her younger days she and her best friend Siuan were lovers, but both seemed to have gravitated towards men subsequently. Difficult to write more without giving anything away—suffice it to say that she is Jordan’s most enigmatic character, and you cannot escape her aura if you read the Wheel of Time.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and heavily influenced by what I have been reading in the recent past. I might also add more names in future. Meanwhile, I’m curious: who are your favourite character/s? Leave your answers through the comment system.


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  1. Fictional characters I would like to meet 😀

    – Elaida, from WoT, an obvious given.

    – Moiraine, also from WoT.

    – Elphaba, from ‘Wicked’.

    – Albus Dumbledore, from ‘Harry Potter’.

    – Professor Rossi from ‘The Historian’

    – Morgaine, from the Mists of Avalon

  2. Hmmm…here are some of my favourites:

    1. Athos: The quietest and most mysterious of Dumas’ Three Musketeers. Incredibly brave, honest and with a morbid sense of humour to boot.

    2. Andy Dalzeil: Reginald Hill’s detective supreme. Beneath his utterly obese and coarse exterior lurks a keen intellect.

    3. Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax: Terry Pratchett’s witching duo. The latter is classy beyond compare, the former earthy as hell and equipped with an assortment of censorious songs!

    4. Bartimaeus: Jonathan Stroud’s Djinni with an attitude – he makes Robin Williams’ djinn act in Aladdin seem dull in comparison. ‘Nuff said!

    5. Sir Galahad Threepwood: PG Wodehouse’s most masterly creation. Unflappable and intelligent with a warm regard for scandal and no respect whatsoever for the truth. Fiction’s most lovable cad by a mile. Mind you, Psmith and Uncle Fred are not too far behind.

    6. Lord Peter Wimsey: Dorothy L Sayers wonderfully witty detective. His courtship of Harriet Wane is arguably one of the most entertaining in fiction. And he was a dab hand at solving mysteris too.

    7. Sherlock Holmes: Wish he would go easy on the cocaine but what a lad!!

    8. Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina: Lindsey Davis’ masterly creations based in ancient Rome. Falco is a detective (or Informer as they were then called) and Helena is his love interest. To say that the two of them have the readers rolling in the aisles would be an understatement.

    9. Sir Nigel: Arthur Conan Doyle’s knight was not the best looking of men, slight of figure and could not see clearly. But in a field of battle, he was without peer. His rather naive honesty has resulted in some hilarious quotes.

    10. Sir Launcelot: The greatest knight of the Table Round who unfortunately fell in love with the Queen. An amazingly heroic, if tragic, figure. Ironically, one of his best portrayals comes not in Mallory’s original but in Mark Twain’s hilarious “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”.

    11. Roland Deschain: Stephen King’s gunslinger whose quest for the Dark Tower has resulted in some memorable fantasy fiction. The blighter looks like Clint Eastwood, is a dab hand with a colt and has a keen sense of honour and fair play. Irresistible!

    Hmmm…that’s it for now. Some who came close to being mentioned were: Don Quixote (you gotta love a lad who tilts at windmills), Robin Hood, Edmond Dantes (the Count of Monte Cristo), Ned Land (of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and D’Artagnan (another of The Three Musketeers).

  3. DAMODREDS!!!! *heaves* Oh how I love House Damodred. Moiraine and Galad and Carewin and Laman and Dalresin and Caraline…ok maybe not Caraline.

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  4. 😆

    *cough* off topic *cough*

  5. I can’t really remember any fave characters but I think there are times when I would like to be a part of the book.
    The first that comes to mind is A Suitable Boy–right after independence.

    And the second would be–alas, i have yet to do a lot of growing up–The Enchanted Wood from Enid Byton. More specifically the land of food–that has always been a favourite fantasy.

  6. I’d like to have honey with Winnie the pooh! Shame on you all for not mentioning him already.

  7. I also like Granny from Discworld. And Lulu from Final Fantasy X!!! She’s so cool. But that’s not a book. 🙁

    Hm. Oh! I like Chiyo…and Aizel! :mrgreen: And then…and then…and then there is this one chick from this one book series. Yeah she was cool.


  8. Marie… no one knows (or is supposed to know) who Aizel is! You might as well have said Simon-who-I-call-Alex!

    I like both Nanny and Granny, by the way. I like Nanny’s songs, especially the hedgehog one!


    Does anyone know who that is? No? Then she is all mine.

  10. Ok, here’s my list, though let me state at the outset that it won’t be complete in the least. Not in any particular order

    Vianne Rocher from Joanne Harris’ ‘Chocolat’
    Halvard Noah – *sighs* he’s so dreamy!
    Lan Mandragoran and Moiraine Damodred – WoT
    Timmy the dog from the Famous Five series (Enid Blyton)
    Fatty and Buster from the Five Find Outers (Blyton again)
    Granny Ogg – Terry Pratchett, Discworld.
    The Dursleys – J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter series (I’m curious – just HOW awful can this family be?)
    Sirius Black – Harry Potter again
    Gandalf – LOTR
    Feluda – Satyajit Ray
    And from detective fiction – Miss Marple, Poirot, Kinsey Millhone, Roderick Alleyn, Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers.

    I think I need to shut up now.

  11. Hey I like…

    Everyone. Most book Characters are great so I can’t chose. I love all of them so much.

    I especially like characters from other worlds. Some of the books I read about earth suck!(See the Mary-kate and Ashley adventures and suchlike. PUKE!) No offence meant to anyone but if you don’t got it you just don’t. They should’ve stuck to acting. And my firends like their books!?

  12. Siuan and Moiraine always liked men! They just made due with what they had at the Tower. Besides…Siuan looks like a man.

  13. Maybe Moiraine is homosexual, which would explain why there is no “tension” between her and Lan (a subject we’ve spent ages discussing on MW!). Of course, she did have relationships with men, though that might be her way of “making do”! And she’s just using SOMEBODY now!

    *trying to get a rise out of Marie*

  14. Maybe she’s bi-sexual and likes both. She could just not be attracted to Lan. It would make sense and all. 😕

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