Banga Lore: Part II

The worst thing about holidays is that they come to an end. Part of me is relieved—I am sure I’m going to get a record credit card bill. At least you are assured that in 40 hours on a train there is only so much you can spend!

Having spent a week in Bangalore, I have made one observation. People here do complain a lot! Traffic, weather, autos… Well, nothing’s perfect, but from the point of view of a Delhi resident, Bangalore is heaven! Imagine people walking away with apologetic smiles after a minor traffic accident. Imagine a group of three policemen making people line up on a busy street and going off to catch auto-rickshaws for them. Imagine and auto driver telling you the bill is Rs 85 when his meter shows Rs 106…

Yes, the traffic is pretty bad, but it’s the people and the pace of life that make Bangalore a much pleasanter place to be in. The hostility that seeps out from people in Delhi is not there. Most people will actually oblige if you ask for help. That said, it is a typical city, so safety is, of course, relative, but one feels much safer outside.

I always hate coming back after a holiday (especially as I fear Marie is going to bully me into making a theme for Moiraine’s World!), so let’s not dwell on that. What did I do in Bangalore? It was a rather hectic trip. Let’s see:

  • Day 1: (See previous post!)
  • Days 2 and 3: Most of the time was taken up by an unusual wedding, an Indo-Danish affair, but more on that (with pictures) later. I also met an online acquantaince, Ajit.
  • Day 4: Met an old friend Anitha for lunch. Took a large family contingent out for dinner. Had my first motorbike ride. Scared the crap out of me at first, till I found the driver (brother-in-law, Pranjal) had things under control. Wanted to buy a bike for the next few hours…
  • Day 5: I exchanged my old phone for a new one! Bought a whole lot of books and CDs. Went to my sister’s for dinner. Had another thrilling bike ride.
  • Day 6: Paid a final visit to Corner House. (Yes, Alpana, I bought your Mysore pak!) About to leave for the railway station now.



4 Replies to “Banga Lore: Part II”

  1. Pictures! Me want pictures!

  2. Marie tried to get me to do a theme for MW. *nods* But I convinced her it wasn’t a good idea as it would be pretty bad had I done it.

    A theme made on paint! :mrgreen:

  3. You are a good person, you are, you are!

  4. Hey Payal,
    Just catching up with your blog..reading archives etc.
    Next time you come to Bangalore and next I get to give you a ride..I will make sure that the speed is more than 40 KMPH :-)). This time consideration diya tha…cos it was ur first ride…

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