The Key of Chaos: A sneak preview

Now that the sequel to A Shadow in Eternity is official, I intend to put in a page about it in the main site. For now, here’s a little glimpse into what’ll happen next. Book two is tentatively called A Shadow in Eternity II: The Key of Chaos, and takes off about two months after the events described in the first book.

A Shadow in Eternity had left Maya confused and distraught. Noah, her Watcher, and one of her closest friends, had left her (although he had promised to return), and she had discovered something about herself that she would rather not have. Things are not much better as The Key of Chaos gets under way. Maya is still struggling to get a grip on herself, and even though Noah does turn up eventually, she remains more than a little rattled.

With Noah back, Maya resumes her training as a Preferred in Eternity. And that inevitably comes with its own series of positives and problems. While it is great to be back with the likes of Lev, Stephen and Jan, Chiyo’s distrust of her remains a stumbling block. She also manages to develop a interest in someone (my lips are sealed), which brings out Noah’s most rabid fatherly instincts, and also encounters Noah’s old flame with hilarious (I think!) consequences.

Meanwhile, the Warriors are hot on the heels of Yazid and Kilyana (who had managed to escape at the end of A Shadow in Eternity), and are also trying to deal with the complications that Maya’s involvement in the matter have thrown up. Will they attempt to eliminate her or coax her on to their side?

As things get more and more complex, Maya has a strange visitor who triggers off a series of events that could spell doom for some of the book’s main characters.


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  1. You know with whom I think Maya should develop a crush on! :mrgreen:

    Roll on fanfiction!

  2. Fanfic, yay! :mrgreen:

    And do tell who you think it should be!

  3. Whats the connection between the book and

  4. They both have the same author 😉

    Well, is my main site, Writer’s Log is what I call the blog part of it. And Shadow in Eternity is my first book; Key of Chaos will be the second!

  5. Listen – if you don’t meet me soon and hand over your second manuscript, I shall spontaenously combust with the anticipation (if such a thing is even possible!):mad:

    I hope Lev and Maya still remain friends?

  6. OK. Now I am feeling really bad that I havent even read the first one.

  7. 😡 That’s very bad of you and I’m mortally offended! 😈

  8. There aren’t many who can hear,
    the blue moon stone’s silent fear.
    Time goes by and I grow a beard,
    and yet this poem remains weird.

    Well… yeah, that’s enough for this comment.

  9. 😕 Er… I think you might have *cough* missed your vocation!

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