A Sim-land update

There is a lot happening around me, but I am so sick of it! Let’s talk about my Sims’ lives for the moment. Much more exciting!

Thanks to Marie, I am now no longer allergic to sending Sims to college! At the moment there are about half a dozen Sim teens waiting to go to university. I’m pretty sure Maya will go, as will Evert and Mia. As for Erik (who is my second-generation Legacy)—I think I just want him to grow up fast and get on with managing the family toy business.

Speaking of my Legacy family, I deleted my old one and started anew. I’m pretty bad at managing businesses, even though the Subramaniams’ level 3 business is doing okay. I wanted my Legacy family’s business to grow through the generations (you have to play 10 generations in a Legacy game). At the moment they make their own toys using the toy-making bench, but things might change later. As long as I don’t lose interest! 😛

Henrik Carlsson had a nasty accident last night. He tried to repair the stereo after his mother had gone to bed, but he got a nasty shock. His clothes caught fire and were burnt off and his hair was singed. If that isn’t all, the electrocution started a fire and gobbled up poor Henrik. He was reduced to a bunch of ashes!

His mother came running down to plead with the Grim Reaper, and was successful in saving him from death. Henrik promised solemnly not to tinker with electronics again, but no sooner had his mother gone to bed, than he was back with his screwdriver, poking at the stereo. Bad, disobedient boy!

The Subramaniams are a pretty boring family. Getting Madhavi pregnant was very difficult. She just wouldn’t! Anyway, young Maya came along and all’s well now. Later on, Madhavi, who was holding a senior position in the Criminal career track, got sacked. She has now started a home business, which is doing pretty well.


7 Replies to “A Sim-land update”

  1. I think I’ll go play Sims!

  2. Glad to see I motivated you to do the right thing :mrgreen:

  3. I’m confused but interested in all this talk about Legacy Sims. It’s got to do with a business expansion pack perhaps?

    I don’t look at the Sim sites anymore because it makes me sad! 😛

  4. Oh, no! A Legacy is a sort of set of rules with which you play a particular Sim household and attempt to take them through ten generations! 🙄 You may or may not have expansion packs.

    It sounds fun at first, but can get terribly boring after a while.

    You should buy a new computer so you can play Sims *nods*

  5. 😮 It looks difficult!

    *will be saving for a new comp not this coming up year, but the next*

  6. Ooh… that’s a looooong time away… 😕

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