Third time not-so-lucky

I had a horrible shock yesterday when one of my Sims babies grew up into a chinless wonder! Sims 2 has a reasonably realistic genetics engine in which it picks up characteristics from both parents in offspring. Even though young Maya (yes, yes, I am not very imaginative with names, I know) had perfectly fine looking parents, something must have gone wrong in the mixing.

Fortunately, I had saved the game just before Alicia gave birth and could go back and reload the game. Of course, that meant on losing out on the skill building and promotions I had achieved in the period. Unfortunately, on the next two reload it was still a monster baby! I finally gave up and let Stefan (it was a boy the third time) grow up. For the first time I am contemplating arranging for a tragic accident… hmm…

It’s slightly boring playing on my new lappy because I only have one expansion pack, Open for Business. I do miss some of the items in University, and plenty of things from Nightlife. Currently, two families in my Andara neighbourhood have home businesses, and they’re doing pretty well. I’m thinking of marrying the kids off to each other. If only I had NL I could have started that car business I want… sigh.

Speaking of businesses, why is it that I just cannot get the hang of the hairdressing business?


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  1. Do not kill off the poor boy because he has no chin! I thought your favorite people in books happened to be not so pretty. 😛 *teases*

  2. Let him live, Jan. Let him live.

  3. Oh, and hairdressing is easy! You are clearly doing something wrong *nods*

  4. It’s greek to me! hey do you know kamya shetty? s/he is a fan of your book, says so on Orkut

  5. Nope, no idea! Send me a linkie! I hate those public conversations on Orkut, by the way. Can’t imagine why I signed up! 👿

  6. hey Payal…what’s up…

  7. I should blackmail,er,pay you to make me a new layout.

  8. Stefan… he grew up pretty! :mrgreen: I’m so happy!

    @Marie: I’m Indian… you should have gone for the bribe angle! 😉

  9. 😛 I suppose I should have at that! *bribes you with chocolate* See? I’m learning to not call chocolate candy around you.

  10. There’s hope for you yet!

  11. I did update!

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