A Sim-ful life!

Stefan Jarryd, the chinless freak I wanted to drown as a child, flourishes. I am so glad I did not arrange for an unfortunate accident. He grew up into a rather agreeable teenager, went to university and graduated with honours (or whatever the Sims equivalent is). In Sim State University, he met Simon St James. (No relation to Elizabeth George’s character from the Inspector Lynley books… Honest.)

Jarryd houseWell, Simon and Stefan became friends, and they graduated together. Pooling their resources, they built themselves a nice little house and moved in. One thing led to another, and now they are happily married. Well… Simon doesn’t know that Stefan had an affair with one of his professors and still nurses a little crush on him. When Simon is at work, Stefan calls up his old flame and they chat for hours. Anyway, at last count Stefan and Simon Jarryd have a little daughter, and a thriving home business as well. Let’s wish them well—and may the skeletons remain in their cupboards.

Moving on, it seems Jarryds are overruning the neighbourhood of Andara. Noah’s oldest, Hanne, the high-profile scientist, had a son. Her husband’s business, Aizel’s Buns and Bakes (no sniggers!), is now a level six business, basking in the glow of a Best of the Best award, and selling his wares at premium rates. He has his hands full keeping customers happy and young Erik, who is crawling around, out of mischief.

Ariba and her husband Erren were both killed in a freak accident. A fly attack each nobbled them. Very strange, what? And so sad… *shakes head innocently* They never got to meet their grandson Erik. Nor their twin granddaughters. Yes, Ailea and Brian Anhel had twins. Slightly inopportune as they were struggling financially, with Brian trying to take charge of the home business and coming to terms with his mother having eloped with the Servo.

Which leaves Noah and his wife Alicia as the only remnants of the first generation of Andara. Their youngest is quite a handful, and the ageing Jarryd’s are having a tough time with him, especially with both older siblings, Hanne and Stefan, busy with their own lives and kids. Anyway, they’re happy enough—especially when young Karl is not going around kicking things and throwing tantrums. It must be mentioned that Noah is one of the most popular customers at Aizel’s Buns and Bakes (Aizel is his son-in-law… as far as he knows, as he did have a fling with Ariba, though they never got to the woo-hoo stage… or did they?) and also at son Stefan’s flower shop.


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  1. We told you so about Stefan! *gasps*

    It is no wonder than Noah loves Buns.. and Bakes!

  2. 😆

    I said no jokes!

  3. *gasp* That was not a joke!


  4. Buns and Bakes…you are so Janlike!

  5. That doesn’t make any sense… I am Jan! 🙄

  6. 😈 *dollfie curses*

  7. You know Janlike=perv!

  8. I should play my sims more often.

  9. *wants piccies*

  10. Happy Birthday (belated on here)! I love the template. 😀

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