Imaginary Friends: Fascinating!

Who hasn’t had imaginary friends in childhood? I’ve had so many that I have forgotten most of them. All I remember is that when I read a book that made an impression on me, and later in life when I saw a movie or something on TV, I imagined that some of the characters were real, and my close friends!

Hence, I’ve had a string of some memorable imaginary friends—and enemies!—in my time. But one that stands out is Spock from Star Trek!

[Stricken pause for your laughter.]

Well, I am still taken up enough with Spock to base a major character in my book on him! Sadly, though, he is no longer my imaginary friend, but it was fun while it lasted. He saw me through some difficult years while growing up. Recently, a friend accused me of being obsessed with Doctor Who. Well, I have always used my obsessions as coping mechanisms to tide over hard times. So, Spock was there for me when I needed him.

(This blog gauntlet was thrown by Kate.)

~Live long and prosper

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  1. What an excellent way to have imaginary friends. You really are so imaginative, Payal. I might even be a little envious! 😯 :mrgreen:

    I love the spins you put on things.

  2. Nice post! I had imaginary friends too – guess that always comes with first, being an only child; second, being a voracious reader; and third, having a hyper-active imagination! 😀 And much like you, those friends from my childhood comprised of characters I’d either read about, or seen on television.

    The two I remember clearly are Jeffrey Jones, this little boy from a TV show called ‘Voyagers’, about a man and a boy who had a time machine, which they used to travel back into various historic time periods, where they would proceed to have the most amazing adventures. Jeffrey was my constant companion for the longest time. And then there was Trixie Belden, girl detective – I don’t know if you get those books any more. She – and her best friends and brothers – were so much more real, fun, and interesting than the one-dimensional Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys!

  3. Oh, I’ve heard of Trixie Belden! Never read any though. It seems my childhood reading was almost entirely Enid Blyton, and later Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys/Dana Girls, and those ghastly Bobbsey Twins!

    Well, I say ghastly now, but I lapped them up when I was eight! I had many adventures with the Twins, Nancy Drew, the Hardys and the Danas!


  4. You are obsessed with Dr Who. 😉 In a charming way, of course.

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