BIA: Bangalore’s cup of woe

Bangalore International Airport. If you are going to use those three words in the vicinity of any local resident, you may be assured of a colourful response.

However, let me not waste words. For an excellent — and ultimately hilarious — account of the what happened, how and why, and why we are all well and truly f-ed, read on about How Not to Design an Airport.

(Thanks to Swapna for putting me on to this.)


5 Replies to “BIA: Bangalore’s cup of woe”

  1. That really doesn’t sound wonderful having the airport built outside the city. 😕

  2. I like airports.

  3. I like airports too — in fact, I’m one of those nuts who likes the whole package: airports, flying, airlines food… just that, how the hell do we get there?!


  4. I want to travel to Europe again just to get fed dinner on the plane.

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