The truth out there

I suppose it is a corollary to sod’s law that any character you particularly like in a TV serial will either die or having something horrible happen to him or her. Or else, the entire television universe is conspiring against me…

Well, take a look at the evidence. Mr. Spock died, didn’t he? Well, all right, he came back to life thanks to the Genesis Project, but that’s besides the point. I liked him and he died! Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer died too, but came back again, which, if you ask me, is way too cheesy. And don’t forget, Angel became “bad” and later left the show, which in my book is akin to dying. But then, a vampire is an undead, so I guess he doesn’t count, does he?

Mulder and Scully also had horrible things done to them. Thankfully, the details are too hazy for me to recall now. At least there’s a new X-Files movie in the future to look forward to. Oh, but wait… given my luck in such matters, “looking forward” is perhaps not an appropriate term.

Closer to the present, I really liked the Ninth Doctor, with his sticky-out ears, his extra-long nose, and the amusing Northern accent. What does he do? He goes and regenerates into the funny-but-sometimes-annoying Tenth Doctor. Bah! Not that I dislike the Tenth Doctor, but we all know who he’s going to regenerate into, don’t we? And then Rose! Oh, Rose… Not to mention the horrible things that are likely to happen at the end of series four next month.

Oh, and let’s not forget Captain Jack Harkness, and what he is going to “evolve” into in the future!

Which of course reminds me of Torchwood and the death of Toshiko Sato, the most inoffensive member of a pretty volatile team. Well, at least she died heroically; though I must also register my displeasure at the other horrible things that happened to her. Falling for an evil alien lesbian and a defrosted guy from the past is bad enough, but to nurse an unrequited love for a team member who can only be described as a “total arse” is just as bad. Speaking of which, Dr. Owen “I-Torture-People-in-Happy-Relationships” Harper had his moments too — before he was shot, and resorted to stalking about as the waking dead for about half of the second series.

**SPOILERS for Bones for unaired episodes in India follow**

And here comes the icing on the cake. The only serial I currently follow on TV is Bones. We are two seasons behind — season one is running on Star World right now, while season three draws to a close in the US. And guess what I learnt yesterday night? In the penultimate episode of the season (the last episode telecast so far), Booth takes a bullet meant for Bones, and the episode ends with his vision fading as Bones cradles her “dying partner” (words from the official site).

Hello?! Unfair! It tell you, it’s a conspiracy! Even though I’m 50-50 on whether Booth really dies… but still…


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  1. *falls into intended trap* You might as well take the television of yours and give it to me. Clearly watching is not for you!

  2. Hey, that spoiler warning was for YOU!

  3. Someone is missing the point 😛

  4. 😈

    Oh admit it, you’re hungry for spoilers… HUUUNGGRRYYY…

    Edited to add later on
    Oh, and here’s further proof. According to the original story arc, in Torchwood it was Ianto who was supposed to die and come back, not Owen!

  5. I always like secondary characters too, or shows with non-convential plot twists. That unfortunately means more character deaths. 🙁

  6. Grr … did you HAVE to tell me that bit about Bones?? I’m following it too, avidly, and I think it’s one of the few intelligent shows on TV at the moment. And, of course, it’s great to see David Boreanaz again – was missing him since Angel was pulled off the air.

    Speaking of character deaths, one that really upset me was Spike’s death in the last season of Buffy – but his re-appearance in Angel pleased me greatly. And reversing things a bit, one character that desperately needs to stay dead is Sylar in Heroes – I’m so sick of his one and a half expressions and his same old Very Evil antics!

  7. Hey, the spoiler warning was there for the likes of you! You can’t blame me.

    And no, he doesn’t die! The new episode was aired last night, and he lives, he lives!

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