David Tennant and Bollywood

…the twain shall never meet. And here’s why.

Most people know of the song-and-dance routines that are the staple of Indian cinema. Well, the following clip is not Bollywood, but a BBC TV series starring David Tennant and Sarah Parish called Blackpool. It featured a number of songs and a few dance-ish routines.

As you can see, Mr Tennant — wonderful actor though he might be — comes up a bit short in the dancing department. For the uninitiated, he’s the odd-looking, tall, skinny one, leading the group of cops. (Oh, watch him go the wrong way at 1:33!)

I was thinking of this while walking home today, and had the gigglefits on the road. Thankfully, I had my iPod plugged in and people probably thought I was talking on handsfree.

This never fails to make me laugh out loud — no matter how down in the dumps I might be. Enjoy!


8 Replies to “David Tennant and Bollywood”

  1. This is too funny. I actually watched this with the sound off by mistake, but kept it silent because it was funnier that way.

    I like the hip wiggle they do! 😉

  2. The hip wiggle is especially hilarious! You should see the way my sister always collapses when it happens.

    *watches with sound off*

  3. splattered egg dancing like a flapping ostrich!

    ooo, that’s rude!

  4. 😆
    But it’s true! Though I feel mean agreeing with that. I felt sorry for him in “Midnight”…

  5. Hee hee hee. The only reason I shouldn’t say anything any further because all said and done, he still did a better of it than I can ever do. That’s one of my worst nightmares – seeing myself dance!

  6. Oh, I agree with you, watching myself dance is an exercise in humiliation (for myself) and comedy (for other people!). But like one of my friends pointed out, at least I don’t subject the world at large to it by dancing on TV!

  7. Loved this! I watched it with the sound off too, and it is definitely funnier! Boy, did David Tennant look uncomfortable – and I adored that hop-skip routine they did in a circle! 😆

    Btw, he is definitely NOT ‘odd-looking’ – I think he’s very cute.

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