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This update is being done through the Flock 2 Beta blog editor.

For the uninitiated, Flock is more than just a plain old Web browser. If social networking is your sort of thing, this intriguing application is certainly worth a look at. With its integrated blogging, media sharing and “people” services, it should keep any online social bunny busy for a bit.

Interested? Check it out for yourself: Flock. The latest release is Flock 1.2, but a beta version, Flock 2, based on the Firefox 3 release is available as well.

Happy Flocking


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3 Replies to “Updating Through Flock”

  1. Sounds interesting, but somehow I find it really tedious to change browsers. Don’t know why I’m not a tech-person even after having trudged through IIT. 😐

    When you say social networking, do you mean something new similar to Facebook and Orkut, or being able to access these popular networking websites through the browser directly (akin to blogging)?

  2. If you write Pd like that, it’ll be like upside down 69.

  3. @Swetank: Yeah, that’s what I mean. It’s got services like Facebook, Photobucket, Blogger, etc. integrated, so you can effectively access them directly through the browser. You said you’re already using Firefox — well, Flock is based on the FF engine, so apart from looks and the social networking additions, it works exactly the same way. It’s a bit slower of course because of the extra baggage, but worth a try, I think.

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