The Timeless Land

The Timeless Land is awaiting comments from the publisher, but I thought it’s high time I put up something about it.

“I want not to have killed a person.”

Maya Subramaniam’s life is arguably far more complex than the average fourteen-year-old’s. As the youngest Halvard of the Sands of Time, torn between loyalty to her family and to her Watcher, and dogged by a prophecy that predicts her to be the cause of the destruction of time… Honestly, how much can one person take?

An adolescent caught in a world of grown-ups, Maya finds herself in the middle of a Warrior conspiracy to see the Ai’diyar Prophecy to its conclusion. Homeless and confused, convinced that she wrecks the lives of those she loves, Maya finds herself doubting her ability to see right from wrong.

As she and her friends stumble into the Timeless Land, she is faced with a choice that could have a devastating impact on reality as we know of it. In this third and final book of the Halvard series, Maya finally comes face to face with the Prophecy.

The question is, will it be an end or a beginning?

(Read about the previous books: A Shadow in Eternity and The Key of Chaos).


16 Replies to “The Timeless Land”

  1. Ah, a snippet finally. When should this book be out? 🙂

  2. Last month would have been nice 😉 but realistically speaking it’s looking like the end of the year. Which is sad because it’s been finished a long time ago.

  3. Ah! The appetite is duly wetted, money faithfully kept aside and impatience lurks beneath the veneer of self-control.

    Whenever Bangalore happens, I shall get signatures on all 3 of the books, maybe even a 4th one by the time.

    Oh and do you have a gala, a social, a Page 3 party for the launch of your book where people come dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns and air-kiss and schmooze and bitch, only to remember later that this was a book for kids and young adults! Would be interesting, no, to be a part of it? 😆

  4. No such luck — thankfully… But it’s got potential, especially the oops part!

  5. I’m not sure I like it when people soon gets to read book 3 when Niklas hasn’t even gotten to read book 2. I don’t mind unfairness in general, as long as it isn’t unfair to me. 😥

  6. And whose fault is that? I offered to send you a copy.

  7. Well *changes subject* If time is money, and it is a timeless land, does that mean it is like Zimbabwe or Venezuela or some really poor country?

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  9. Niklas, with his mighty voice says: Reply

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  11. Niklas, with his mighty voice says: Reply

    I wouldn’t have to if they worked as supposed! It cut away 239 words from the middle of it 😈 Words I wrote carefully too!

  12. Thank god for that. 🙄

  13. *giggle*

    But to be honest, his post was pretty clever!

  14. Niklas, with his mighty voice says: Reply

    Haha! 😀 Buggling said it was clever! So there. And She works with reviewing clever stuff. So, that means I’m professionally clever. I might even have been a fox in a previous life *nods*

    What’s not quite as clever is Buggling being away and not saying a word about it on her bloggness! You might almost think she escaped for good…

  15. In truth, I’m watching over you secretly. So be good… 😈

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