Phishing for a giggle

E-mail scams. We’ve all had them, and while I do not know anyone stupid enough to fall for one, it seems that scammers often end up raking in handsome rewards. All I can say is, people idiotic enough to fall for these deserve it.

Take the latest one to make its way into my inbox. I wasn’t particularly surprised to find a mail from an eminent Indian historian with the subject line “Very Urgent”. Having worked with him in the past, I just assumed he was contacting me for work. My hopes were dashed, though, for this is what the mail said (original punctuation retained for added entertainment!):

Please, i am in a Critical situation right now which i will need your urgent response.Actually, I had an urgent trip to United Kingdom but unfortunately for me Armed Robbers attacked the hotel i lodged and all my money and some of my luggages was stolen .I had been so restless and hopeless because i have been without any money. All the Hotel telephone lines here got disconnected by the robbers and they are still trying to get them fixed so i only have access to emails, my mobile can’t work here so i didn’t bother to bring it.All i want you to do is to help me with some money,please kindly send me 1450 pounds, so i could pay my hotel bills and return home.I would refund it immediately i get home,please help me send it through Western Union Money Transfer because it is the fastest and safest way i can receive it.

Send it with my name and the address of the hotel below:

NAME: […]
CITY: Middlesex

I will be waiting for your help soon,i will really appreciate your quick response.




3 Replies to “Phishing for a giggle”

  1. Goodness, you better save him! Anything might happen to him all alone in the UK without money. What if he spots a vending machine full of chocolate bars but can’t buy one? What luck they didn’t take his computer so he could contact you for help. I guess his family and friends must all suffered similar Armed Roberries and don’t have any money to send him.

  2. Damn, I didn’t think of that! Those dastardly Armed Robbers — looks like they took off with the British police and telephone authorities as well as the guy’s “luggages”, leaving him stranded in that deserted island with a computer and a Net connection and a Western Union branch.


  3. Lol! Someone was clearly inspired by the Mumbai terrorist attacks!

    And someone should also tell these morons that eminent Indian historians usually know how basics of English grammar and punctuation!

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