Apple unearths labour violations

Sorry, this is no follow up of Naomi Klein’s celebrated book No Logo, which exposes the dark secrets of the working environments in the factories of many big brands. Nor is this the expose by any investigative journalist. The hard truths were revealed by Apple itself, which conducted an onsite audit of its 102 facilities recently.

Apple’s 2010 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, which audits third-party vendors to ensure that “the companies we do business with… provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made” makes for some shocking reading: 17 core violations, including child labour, falsified records, underpayment, overwork, and a whopping 57 vendors who have been cheating workers out of legally required benefits like sick leave and maternity leave.

As a long-time user of Apple products, I am deeply disturbed. However, considering that Apple themselves have revealed these violations, let’s hope it is because they are genuinely concerned about labour and human rights, and that it is not merely a PR exercise.


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  1. Ohmy, that’s no good. You’d think what they charge for their stuff would ensure all kinds of niceties.

    *petpets Payal* I’m sure apple’s no worse than their competitors, which isn’t very reassuring at all, I guess. *pets some more*

    On a slightly unrelated note, I don’t like the term “child labor” because what it means is much more like child slavery or child abuse. Child labor makes it sound as if the kids are working extra to earn up to an iPod or something neat.

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