The Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

Gargi has awarded me the Honest Scrap Award. It was such an unexpected surprise that I haven’t had time to prepare my acceptance speech and list of people to thank. (It’s your lucky day.)

According to the “rules” of the award, I must list ten things about myself. This is sort of hard, since I’ve already listed ten random facts about me and I’m not sure there are any others. Even though that list is almost three and a half years old, nothing has changed. Is that a good thing or bad? Will ponder on that question while I come up with ten more things. There will be a prize for anyone who makes it through the list.

Well, here goes:

  1. I love airlines food.
  2. I am a terrible liar.
  3. I have honed procrastination into a fine art.
  4. I can’t believe people pay me to write.
  5. At times I worry that one day I’ll wake up and it’ll all have been a dream.
  6. Sometimes I hope that one day I’ll wake up and it’ll all have been a dream.
  7. I have an unreasonable fear of turning into an alcoholic.
  8. I have a wild imagination (and I don’t mean that in a good way).
  9. I can’t decide if I like to cook.
  10. I no longer follow sport — a fact that makes me very sad, but I don’t do anything about it.

The prize as promised: the Honest Scrap Award is up for grabs for anyone who’s made it through the list. Post a comment or IM me and I will add your name and URL to the list.

Any takers?


5 Replies to “The Honest Scrap Award”

  1. # I have a wild imagination (and I don’t mean that in a good way).

    eee! You suffer from dirty thoughts! πŸ˜€

    This is fun, I should make me own list. With proper numerals too.

    1. You suffer from dirty thoughts!
    2. Your inner male is a geek!
    3. Umm.. you aren’t needy, or so Marie claims.
    4. I stole your idea to watch Being Human and sneakily saw season 1 and 2 on my own πŸ˜€ It was good. I like werewolf boy and that girl from Sugar Rush was lots of fun again.
    5. There is no linux on your computer. :/
    6. Your handwriting is pretty.
    7. Eeek! You just turned up online
    8. You won’t mind that I didn’t make it to ten! *stern*

  2. :O

    It was supposed to be a list about you!

  3. Great list, nice to know more about you! I’m totally with you on points 1 and 10.

  4. Nice one. I’m just the same when it comes to i, iii and viii.

    Hey, I made it through the list. Where’s my prize?? 😈

  5. Um… the last date’s long past?

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