One more trip around the sun

Well, here we are. That’s yet another trip around the sun ticked off. What’s a birthday without a silly tradition, right? So here’s mine — five things that I did today that I’ll possibly be doing for the rest of my year:

  1. Wrote a few pages of a new novel-to-be: Phew, I so really truly need to get back to writing.
  2. Gamed: Yess… picked up a mouse, and crept around and fired off a few rounds. Nothing very exciting. I went back to an old favourite, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and beat my head over how Kyle gets to have all the fun while secretly pleased that I get to play as Kyle! Also returned to Deus Ex: Invisible War to finally give it a good try.
  3. Retail therapy: But I was only spending the money I got as birthday present, and that too on nothing frivolous, so not sure if that counts. Anyhow, got myself a nice jacket.
  4. Ate out: The sibling and sibling-in-law treated me to dinner at fancy restaurant. Also present was almost-10-month-old nephew who did something I will not record here.
  5. Skipped yoga class: Sigh… some things don’t change. I seriously hope this doesn’t mean yet another unhealthy year sitting on my behind.

It was also the first time in my life that I had no cake. Not sure how I feel about that… Must rectify matters quickly.


5 Replies to “One more trip around the sun”

  1. Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah!

    I did yoga yesterday…well, not yoga as such. Fake yoga. But you can count that as yours if you wanna!

  2. Happy Birthday! Many many more trips around the sun. And yes a few to Venus if you please!

  3. Fake yoga is better than no yoga!

    And Anjali, hello, and thanks. 🙂

  4. Hey Belated Happy Birthday! Just saw your post. Was busy celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday on the 23rd of Jan!

  5. Thanks, and a belated happy birthday to your daughter too. 🙂 I hope she had extra cake for me!

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