Catching up

Oddly enough, ever since Saturday Night Freeware got going on Writer’s Log, I’ve been otherwise neglecting the blog on the whole.

The main reason being, things have generally been busy. For one, it was time for my thrice-yearly exodus to Delhi; moreover, the indications are that this time it is likely to be a long-term move. Oh, and Portal 2 has also kept me busy.

Meanwhile, have been reading some interesting books, including:

  1. A Cure for All Diseases (Reginald Hill): Andy Dalziel is back in form. Recovering from his recent brush with death in a convalescent home, the Fat Man nonetheless manages to find himself in the thick of all the excitement.
  2. Delusions of Gender (Cordelia Fine): This seminal work debunks the theory of biological determinism and shows how gender differences that appear “hard-wired” are actually a result of social beliefs and cues.
  3. The Little Stranger (Sarah Waters): A gripping and creepy story about the relationship of a jaded country GP with the formerly aristocratic Ayres family, now living in a state of genteel poverty, Waters mixes social commentry. Waters mixes in social commentary while chilling us to the core in masterly style.
  4. The Convert (Deborah Baker): The extraordinary story of how Margaret Marcus of Larchmont becomes Maryam Jameelah of Lahore and a well-known spokesperson for a conservative Islamic way of life.


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