Satin reviewed in the Telegraph

Satin: A Stitch in Time has been reviewed by the Telegraph (Kolkata) today. Here’s what they say:

Satin: A stitch in time (Harper, Rs 250) by Payal Dhar is the first book in the author’s new fantasy fiction series — and unlike other fantasy fiction hopefuls, Satin surprises the reader with its slickness. Dhar’s world of fantasy is the land of Kuzerazi, a once-magical place that now no longer tolerates the use of magic. At the heart of the book lies Marik Yavi, a magician, and his quest to confront his demons and unearth the underlying meaning of his grandfather’s legacy. Marik’s sister, Fahe, and a young fugitive, Keas, decide to accompany him on what is, inevitably, a dangerous quest. While recognizable motifs abound in Dhar’s book, she strikes a beautiful balance between a realistic description of the characters, their personalities, lives and journeys, and the fantastic events of their intriguing mission. This is not a large-scale attempt at fantasy fiction; even so, it does not disappoint. What’s more, Dhar’s use of beautiful old words like ‘mage’, meaning magician, adds a charm to the narrative that would have otherwise been missing, even amidst all the magic.
(Source: Telegraph India)


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  1. That’s such a fantastic review…though, it was a bit silly about the ‘mage’ bit. Is that really an old word? But I’m sure there is charming language anyhow 🙂

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