750 words at a time…

Is it possible to bribe yourself to write? Maybe. But it’s also rather easy to cheat.

Lately, I’ve been desperate lately to get off my lazy butt and do some serious writing — I have at least three projects in progress at present — yet was finding it hard to motivate myself. The excuses kept piling up and I had (have?) honed procrastination to a fine art.

Till I found this amazing site: 750 Words.

The aim of 750words.com is simple — to get you to write at least 750 words a day. And no, there is no magical hairbrush that will spank you if you fail to meet this deadline. The max it will do is send you an email at a specified time every day telling you to write, write, write.

750words.com works on the principle of writing at least three pages (750 words) a day, and gives any writer an online space to do that. Sounds like blogging? Well, for one, what you write remains private; for another, it’s just a space to “practise” your craft, so your three pages a day might just be a bunch of half-formed ideas or a free-writing session.

Or it might be three pages of sublime, finished text, all ready for publication. Who knows. The important thing is, that’s where you go to write your 750 words a day, and go to bed with a little less guilt for calling yourself a writer.


3 Replies to “750 words at a time…”

  1. *lazy* if it works out lots, then you can tell me and then I’ll know without having to try for ages ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Was reading your blog, came across:
    โ€œLately, Iโ€™ve been desperate lately to get off my lazy butt and do some serious writing โ€” โ€

  3. Nope, just a typo! Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

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