Another one bites the dust

PressieAm now one year older and wiser, and back home after a great day and even greater dinner (with cake), attempting to reflect on the year that was and on hopes for the year that is to come.

First, here’s what I’d predicted one year ago that I’d be doing during Year 36. Let’s see how I fared:

  1. Writing: Sorry, this was a very bad year for writing. 🙁
  2. Gaming: Did pretty well on that count. I also got a game as a present yesterday, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, so looking forward to more gaming this year.
  3. Retail therapy: Overall, Year 36 was an expensive one since I went to Europe on holiday. But apart from buying loads of books, I don’t think I’ve been extravagant.
  4. Eating out: Fortunately, this was a year of eating quite healthy. I did well here.
  5. Skipping exercise: Have been semi-regular with yoga, which is much better than the prediction.

Next, here are my five resolutions for Year 37:

  1. Write a short story every month.
  2. Write a blog post every fortnight.
  3. Do more book reviews.
  4. Take more photos.
  5. Start learning a language.

(Image courtesy Ivan Prole)

3 Replies to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. You are very high on resolutions. Like HD even. I never do resolutions. I think I might be too much whimsical to plan ahead like that.

    Anyhow, 37 sounds clever. You could always write a book about that so people know what to expect. And so that 37+ people with memeory issues can read and remember what 37 was like. You’d have such a wide demographic profile it is bound to be a success. Oh, and you could write that it is in HD too! That’s super popular, in case you had not noticed.

    Also, Happy Birthday! Did you remember to be not too pleased with your cake and dinner and whatever else you got so that people keep on giving and giving or risk upsetting you on your very own birthday? From your blog post it sorta sounds as if you failed this…maybe you could have even more resolution and work on birthday tactics for your 38th.

    1. Erm, just to clarify, I’m 36, not 37. I said Year 37 because technically, I’ve finished 36 years and in the 37th… Oh ok, it sounds lame.

      1. I got confused! I can’t count as far as that anyhow. I just copied the numbers, so it isn’t my fault *pouts* When I turn 36 and we’re the same age, it’ll be much easier to keep track of everything.

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