A smile is all it takes

Is Delhi airport making a conscious effort to become a pleasanter place by asking its staff to be nice? I ask because yesterday, upon stepping up on the little platform during security check, I was met with a big smile and a greeting. I nearly fell off in shock, and actually started getting a little suspicious when I was asked very politely (instead of the earlier incoherent mumbles or barked orders) to open my wallet for inspection.

It was later at the coffee shop when I took my cold coffee back to the counter (because it wasn’t sweet enough and cold enough) and had my whine heard by smiling faces and cooperative hands that I wondered if there was a revolution afoot.

Or perhaps I was just lucky yesterday at Terminal ID, IGI Airport.

Anyhow, I hope not, because surly, aggressive, ill-mannered Delhi could really do with a gigantic injection of NICE up its backside.


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