Proof that the Web is evil

Devil teddyThe WWW is evil. It entices you away from your True Purpose and lures you into its den of vices. Here are some of the ways I have been waylaid while being an industrious ant and minding my own business in the past 24 hours:

  • While rechecking titles of academic publications, I unaccountably ended up on a fan site dedicated to the late Stieg Larsson and browsing the discussion forum there.
  • While pitching ideas to editors, I inexplicably found myself looking at backpacks on Flipkart.
  • While doing routine fact-checking on articles I am editing, I mysteriously landed on a site featuring tips on the best way to earn your living as a farmer in Sims 3. This, oddly enough, led to checking to see if the price of Diablo III has come down and Hitman: Absolution released (I know very well it’s due in November, so why would I need to check?!).
  • While writing work-related emails, I’ve blacked out and suddenly come to, to realize I’m reading reviews on

Need any more proof that the Web is the devil in cyber form?


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