Things to do

Things have been busy lately. A humungous editing assignment and a string of persistent deadlines have thrown my preferred priorities to the winds. However, I intend to rein in the madness before the month ends. What better way to start than to make a list.

Things to do before February 2013 ends:

  1. Finish Mass Effect 2: Hell’s bells, it’s been so long since I played ME2 that I’m sure I’ve forgotten the controls [EDIT: No I haven’t. 😀 ]. Commander Shepard lies forgotten in my Windows partition, into which I dare not boot lest I get tempted to while away the hours in yet another loyalty mission…
  2. Find my feet in Shadow IV: I admit, I’ve been floundering (yet again) in the fourth book. Some part of me is in favour of a complete rewrite, but the other is rather fond of the story so far. In any case, I need a breakthrough soon… when I have a moment to think.
  3. Make crochet goodies for sibling: I’ve been promising the sibling lovely crocheted goodies for many years now, but have consistently failed to deliver. However, thanks to my newly-re-found enthusiasm for craft, I am fully determined to come good finally. (If you’re reading this, no, it isn’t your birthday present, pig!)
  4. Work out an e-publication plan for the Shadow series: Which includes combing the previously published version for typos, formatting the documents, and figuring out which platforms I want to put the e-books up on. Oh, and getting the covers designed.
  5. Finish aforementioned humungous editing assignment: So I can get my life back.

All that was in no particular order. Of course.


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