Week #2: Inspector Rebus is back!

52 Weeks
(Skip the rambling and go straight to the review of Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin.)

Confession time—I am a Rebus-head. Enough of one, in fact, to have orchestrated a trip to Edinburgh just so I could put a face to some of the locations I’d read in Ian Rankin’s series about John Rebus. So, of course, it was with a sense of an era coming to a close that I read Exit Music many years ago, the novel in which Detective Inspector John Rebus was finally forced to hang up his boots. A Rebus landmark

But as Alison Flood put in the Guardian‘s review of Standing in Another Man’s Grave, “Did anyone really believe Ian Rankin was going to stop writing about John Rebus, the cantankerous, alcoholic detective…? In retrospect, we should all have known better.”

Indeed, we should have, for Rebus returned, large as life, in 2012, much to the joy of readers of crime fiction. Without further ado, head over to my review—or better still, grab yourself a copy.

Also, a hello to my friend Gargi, who has agreed to do the 52 Weeks blog project with me. Don’t forget to check out her posts. She has plenty to say about reading and writing and the adventures therein.

EDIT: Marie is another friend who’s been armtwisted into agreed to come on board for the 52 Weeks blogging thing. She’s written about Katy Perry too. *nod*


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  1. Hey thanks for the welcome! I’m not much of a Rebus-head but my sister is. Maybe I’ll read a few more in the series and get hooked too!

    1. You should. 🙂 But I’d suggest, start from the beginning and work your way through. I read them all out of order and feel I’ve missed much of how the characters evolved.

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