Sims 3: The madness continues

This is an unscheduled post—and it’s all Marie’s fault who put temptation my way and caused me to stir up my Sims 3 legacy family. So, guess what happened within ten minutes of loading the game? I had twins, of course. It resulted in a seven-people household, with one toddler and two babies (which soon became three toddlers). Long story short, I’m quite impressed with my computer for handling it with nary a hitch; can’t say the same for myself.

The burdens of the next generation (generation four) lie on the shoulders of Myka Zara and the twins, Para and Laila. I’m not sure yet who the heir is. My sympathies lie with Para, because of her unfortunate rhyming name, but has she picked up the insanity—all by chance, I promise. :mrgreen: Now a teenager, Para also has the virtuoso trait, and is already close to maxing out her guitar skills. Older sister Myka and sane twin Laila are solid citizens, if a bit boring.

After the twins had grown into children, a spate of deaths in the household left poor Eli Zara (the daddy) reeling—first his mothers kicked the bucket; then his poor wife was electrocuted while trying some DIY dishwasher repair *innocent expression here*—and alone to raise his three daughters. Anyhow, he managed not to fall apart, mostly ignored the kids, and is currently involved in a fling with one of his married friends.

Meanwhile, three working generations of the Zara family have managed to stash a good amount of money in the coffers. Perhaps it time to build them a new house—you’ll be surprised how much happiness simoleons can buy my Sims.


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