Week #20: Believing the Lie, a review

52 weeks of reading and writing
When I finished reading Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George, I wondered fleetingly if this was the worst book I’d ever read. Well, by a long way, no. Because, unbelievable though it is, it did keep me reading on. All 650+ pages of the tiny type, despite my frustration with the narrative style, despite getting increasingly appalled at the conclusions being drawn, despite feeling let down by once-favourite characters.

The Inspector Lynley novels were, ages ago, some of my favourite crime fiction. The later books have gone steadily downhill—and if readers are to be believed, the latest one, Just One Evil Act (2013) is nothing to shout about from the rooftops.

It would be an understatement to say that Believing the Lie was a disappointment. I know that Elizabeth George can do much, much better. Step 1 would be to get a really good editor.

It always pains me to say this, but at this point, the TV series is better than the books. Here is my full review, but I warn you, it’s not pretty.


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  1. It is always painful when formally good books go bad.

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