Week #29: The Hill School project

52 weeks of reading and writing
Once upon a time, there was a coven. Its name was, well, let’s just call it A.S.P. Coven. There was also a cat, he was called Kevin. Of course, he was black. Each member of the coven was vetted by Kevin—legend had it that if he sank his teeth into your ankle, you were accepted.

The Coven cooked stories. Specificially about the Hill School of Holistic Learning, nestled in the green hills of Lailapaani. The Hill School was not the kind of school most of us have been to. It was what you’d call an alternative school, where you talked to trees, did projects in town, made jam and produced your own plays. It was a young school, still trying to find out what it stood for, just like the four young protagonists who met there.

Elizabeth John, Ayesha Singh, Mahrukh Mistry and Maitreyee Dasgupta’s lives collided when circumstances brought them to the Hill School. Many adventures followed. First, there was the case of the manuscript that disappeared; next, a skeleton tumbled out of a closet; then, there were the exciting consequences of a mysterious family moving to Lailapaani and a cricket camp at school; finally, events of the past caught up with one of the members of the young quartet.Kevin the Coven cat

The Hill School brew is still simmering in the Coven’s pot. If you’re good, very good, you might get a taste at the turn of the year.

And remember, Kevin is watching you.


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  1. International Journal of Research says: Reply

    Really a good post that I read today and enjoyed it.

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  3. Well, this is exciting. Next up: an epic, high fantasy romance between two teenagers set in Kirnara in 2025. With a few fireballs thrown in for good measure… 😛

    1. Wow, I love that, especially the fireballs, yes.

      1. He he 😀
        How’s Amazing Grace coming along? (Sorry! I can’t help myself 😛 )

  4. I might add some fireballs. But yes, there’s been progress! 🙂

    1. Yay! 😀

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