Week #32: Travelling light

52 weeks of reading and writing
There is a good reason for the neglect of 52 Weeks of Reading and Writing: I’m on holiday and having too much fun to worry about blogging. But the very mention of holiday brings up the conundrum of reading material. What to take along? How many? Only thin books or fat ones too?

Well, this time all those question were moot because I’m carrying my Kobo ebook reader (autocorrect just made that Ebola reader!!), loaded up with half a dozen books. I have:

1. The Dead of the Night (#2 of the Tomorrow series) by John Marsden, chronicling the adventures of Ellie Linton and her friends when Australia is invaded by enemy forces.
2. The Third Day (#3 of the Tomorrow series) by, of course, John Marsden again.
3. Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, a fantasy novel that involves, I believe, some sort of race to the moon.
4. the Black and White Boy By Sam Wilding, about a coloured boy in 1970s Scotland.
5. A couple of self-published fantasy novels whose names I’ve forgotten. (For the record, I keep downloading these to torture myself with now and again.)

There’s just another week left in my holiday and I’m only a third through my second book. Which is not so bad. It just means it’s been a good holiday so far.


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