Review #2: Queen of Ice

It’s a bit early in the year to be cheating, but what the heck. So what if this isn’t a review written specifically for I worked really hard on it for GoodBooks. The book in question is Devika Rangachari’s Queen of Ice.

52 reviews of 2015The easiest way to make a teenager disappear is probably to hiss “historical fiction” at him or her. One could blame the education system for making history a litany of names, dates and what places used to be called before they became the places we know. Or, one might shake a fist at the drab, didactic fare that exists in the name of historical fiction in India. Which is what makes Devika Rangachari’s book stand out like a bar of rich dark chocolate in a bowl of celery sticks.

Since Devika Rangachari is known for her fondness for—and ability to put away a vast quantity of—chocolate, I felt this was an apt opener for a great book. Read the rest of the review here.


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